>Nice and Fit Gallery, Berlin, 2010

Berlin, September 10 – October 16 2010

Christophe Berhault has been collecting images daily via his camera, the popular press and Berlin’s flea-markets (where hundreds of analog camera family photos seem to have ended up). His practice involves a studio routine of archiving this material in an atmosphere of organized anarchy. This systematic registration of ordinary existence (the subway, the street) in Paris and Berlin where he has mostly lived and worked and his scavenging of imagery from lowbrow magazines give genesis to figurative drawings. Only part of the prints and clippings in his binders make it to the large pieces of white paper ; yet his studio in which he regularly invites male models who pose for him becomes as important as the actual work that is being made and exhibited. To Berhault the vaguely des Esseintean environment he has built in his studio is comparable to a notebook. For the first time in his 25 year life as an artist he has accepted to show in public a fraction of the material he has been amassing (though arranged with deliberateness). The exhibition, which also includes several installations, drawings and prints, was developed in the course of the summer of 2010 during which Christophe Berhault was working both in his studio in Kreuzberg and the gallery in Brunnenstrasse. The work he has been making in his own space and in his auxiliary studio was interrupted by this back-and-forth and his continued trips to the city’s flea-markets. This double-life has been documented by five artist friends and will be screened at the gallery.

Special thanks to Guillaume Cailleau, Frederic D., Lucile Desamory. Santago Reys and Louis-Philippe Scoufaras for their films and the Kunstwerke for their kind support.