An Installation by
Christophe Berhault and Vincent Dieutre

A Paris-Berlin collaboration Low-Fi Chronicles is an installation born from the collaboration of Christophe Berhault and film director Vincent Dieutre. The two artists have known each other since they were teenagers. They met up again in the German capital  to take stock of their Berlin years. A fusion of Christophe’s photographic  diary, and the narrative of Vincent’s memories, the installation takes us on a radical and singular journey of great sensitivity. We experience a new kind of cinematic form. 5000 shots: an obsessive triptych With reference to classical painting, approximately 5000 silver halide photos from Christophe Berhault's diary appear chronologically on a triptych. The pictures follow on from each other in a consecutive rhythm. The triptych slowly morphs into a vast landscape, mapping the cardiac impulses of Berlin. It is an obsessive slideshow of memory, a juxtaposition of intimacy and History. Sex and history: a patchy tale of memories Vincent Dieutre’s voice overlays the images following their rhythm, narrating his remembrance of things past when staying in Berlin on numerous occasions. Looking at now-forgotten places and anonymous faces, memory returns. Certain encounters remain with pinpoint accuracy, while others are blurred. Sex and history, and so many other things are now forgotten... Silence settles in Christophe’s studio —place of the recording— while Berlin life rumbles on outside; a radio crackles. The composer, Daniel Freitag, orchestrates those moments of memory time loss, improvising while watching the triptych of moving pictures.

Low-Fil Chronicles, Berlin, 2016
An installation by Christophe Berhault (pictures) and Vincent Dieutre (text /voice)
Music Daniel Freitag . English voice Geoffrey Carey
video, 16/9, 297'

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